DBT was originally developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan as a treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder and has been adapted over time to fit the needs of the clients. 
DBT incorporates elements of two practices, behavior therapy and ancient Zen philosophy. 

DBT is an evidence based therapeutic practice. Numerous studies have found DBT successful in helping people to manage their emotions and thus diminish problematic behaviors such as substance abuse, suicide attempts, self-harming/cutting, eating disorders, etc.

There are 4 modules in DBT:

Mindfulness which is a skill in which you are able to gain an understanding of the relationship between emotion and action. Developing this skill allows us to increase our experience of joy and “turn our mind” when we are flooded with painful emotion.

Interpersonal effectiveness aids in the building of effective communication skills. This module focuses on how we can ask and get our needs met in an assertive/non-aggressive manner, how to say “no” in a firm/respectful fashion, how to maintain relationships that are positive, and how to keep our self-respect interacting with challenging people in our lives.

Emotion regulation teaches about our emotions and gaining knowledge of how we can intervene to decrease emotions that are painful and negative and increase emotion that are pleasant and positive. We will learn new techniques that will give us increased independence with our emotions. We cannot remove pain or uncomfortable emotions from our lives totally but in this module we will learn skills for decreasing the frequency and intensity of distressing emotions we will also examine ways to cope with and prepare for painful emotions

Distress tolerance focuses on surviving emotional crisis. During this section, we learn helpful coping skills that can replace unhelpful coping methods and help us to allow our level of emotional overwhelm to reduce this DBT group will be more significant to you if you first identify the changes you want to make how willing you are to change and what you want most in your life such as goals, values, dreams, etc.